Territory Day!

Each year on the 1st July, all Territorians get together to celebrate the turn of self-governance in 1978 with festivities taking place all over the Top End.


  • At the Australian Federation, 1 January 1901, The Northern Territory was part of South Australia.

  • In 1911 the NT separated from the southern state and transferred to Commonwealth control

  • In 1947 the Territory was allowed to make its own legislature but were still not yet self-governed

  • In 1974, then Prime Minster, Gough Whitlam told Australians that the Territory would soon be granted self-government and a legistlative assembly was formed with 19 member

  • In 1978, the Territory had finally become responsible for state like matters

  • On 1 July 1978 more than 6000 proud Territorians gathered at the Darwin Cenotaph to celebrate their new found rights with the swearing-in of the NT Government mintisty and the first official NT flag-raising.

PJ’s wish all our friends in the NT, a safe and happy Territory Day!